Tulsi Meghwar 12 yr old (Hindu Girl) from Pakistan got kidnapped and Raped

Another Hindu girl Tulsi Meghwar, (12 years old) became the victim of kidnapped and rapped from local Muslims Asif and another man in Mirpurkhas, Sindh Pakistan.

Tulshi Meghwar from Mirpurkhas Sindh Pakistan kidnapped and got raped from local muslims

Snapshot in Local news paper in Sindhi Language

She is not only the minority in Sindh who has been victim of such society, discrimination against Hindus living in Pakistan especially in sindh has been increasing constantly over a period of time. They have been persecuted with tacit support of law enforcing agencies. There are lots of cases untouched and culprits are in sound and having back bone support the Islamic government.

Criminals are free and enjoying in their homes and probably look for new hunt of any Hindu/minority girl and again no one dares to stop them and provide justice, you know why? because we are non-Muslims in Islamic country!!!

Is there any human right? Where are Women rights activists? UN?

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