JFH visits Pakistani Hindu refugee camps in Delhi – distributes supplies

January 19th, 2016 – JFH members from the United States visited the Pakistani Hindu refugee camps located in Majnu ka Tila, outside Delhi. The refugee camp is home to more than 500 people (100 + families). Because these Hindu refugees were forced to flee Islamic Pakistan, they are not citizens of India and so languish in makeshift camps with no electricity, no running water and no ability to work; they are cold and hungry. JFH took video testimonials from some of the camp members about why they fled from Islamic Pakistan; please see their videos below. JFH also distributed hygienic supplies, clothing, shoes and toys to the refugees (all supplies were donated by JFH member Mohini Sarin), but this barely made a dent in the need of these people. Ms. Sarin is currently still in India and hopes to organise a free medical and dental screening for the refugees, as well as get local Indians to donate for food, education, clothing and other amenities.  If you are a Hindu in India and would like to donate to the Pakistani Hindu refugees, please contact Ms. Sarin via facebook (here) or email her (ssusinc@gmail.com).

Pakistan Is An Islamic State

However, the real question is why were these people forced to leave Pakistan in the first place?  Why are the Hindus of Pakistan so desperate that they are willing to cross the border into India where they have no citizenship and must live in squalor? The answer is obvious when we know that Pakistan is by its own constitutional definition an Islamic state.  According to the 2nd article of the Pakistani constitution, Islam is the state religion [1], further provisions state that the President of Pakistan must be a Muslim [2], and so the theocratic bias in favor of Islam and Muslims is obvious. The preamble to the constitution is rather deceptive when it states:

“Wherein the Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam as set out in the Holy Quran and Sunnah; Wherein adequate provision shall be made for the minorities freely to profess and practise their religions and develop their cultures… Pakistan would be a democratic State based on Islamic principles of social justice ” [3] 

The preamble states that Pakistan will give minorities (read non-Muslims) “adequate” provisions to practice their religion, however the preamble also makes it clear that these “adequate provisions” will be dictated by the “Islamic principles of social justice”.  The very fact that only a Muslim can become the President of Pakistan  is a good indicator to what is meant by “Islamic social justice.”

Pakistan School Textbooks Preach Hatred For Hindus

The Pakistani government also views it as “Islamic social justice” to print state text books which declare that non-Muslims are the “enemies of Islam” and paints Hindus especially in a negative light, suggesting Hindus are “cruel”, “unjust” and antithetical to “brotherhood” [5]”

”[In Pakistan state sponsored textbooks] Hindus are repeatedly described as extremists and eternal enemies of Islam whose culture and society is based on injustice and cruelty, while Islam delivers a message of peace and brotherhood, concepts portrayed as alien to the Hindu.” [5]

Ahmadis Officially Discriminated Against On Passports

Ahmadis are an Islamic sect which formed in South Asia in the late 1800’s.  They follow the teachings of an Islamic reformer named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  Ahmadi’s differ from mainstream Islam in that they believe that Islam will be spread throughout the world via peaceful means, not war. Because of their reformist mentality, Ahmadis are systematically and officially discriminated against in Islamic Pakistan.  For example, In applying for a passport or national ID card, all Pakistanis must sign an oath rejecting Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (founder of Ahmadi Islam) and affirm that Ahmadis are non-Muslim [7]; again, this is Pakistan’s definition of “Islamic social justice”.

Non-Muslims Victims Of “Anti-Blasphemy” Laws

Futher still, Christians, Ahmadi’s and Hindus are often the victims of Pakistan’s “anti-Blasphemy” laws which make it a state crime to disparage the prophet Muhammad or desecrate a Quran.  It should not be surprising that it has been found that non-Muslims such as Hindus, Christians and Ahmadi’s are disproportionately victimized under these so-called “anti-blasphemy” laws. [9] In 2014, Pakistan sentenced a Christian to death under the these blasphemy laws, the state also sentenced to death a British national who was believed to be mentally ill. [8]

Hindu Girls Kidnapped, Raped and Forcibly Converted

According to a report by the Movement for Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan, over 1000 non-Muslim girls are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan every year, some of these girls are as young as 12.  The state courts in Pakistan rarely if ever return these kidnap victims to their families.  Young Hindu and Christian girls who are found to have been kidnapped are usually forced to stay with their kidnapper during the duration of the trial.  If these young girls (who are under the custody of their kidnappers) state they left and converted to Islam willingly, the Islamic court orders that the girl’s new family arrangement is legal.  These young girls then often become the victims of rape and prostitution. [6] [10]

Upon production in the courts or before the magistrate, the victim girl is asked to testify whether she converted and married of her own free will or if she was abducted. In most cases, the girl remains in custody of the abductor while judicial proceedings are carried out. Upon the girl’s pronouncement that she willfully converted and consented to the marriage, the case is settled without relief for the family. Once in the custody of the abductor, the victim girl may be subjected to sexual violence, rape, forced prostitution, human trafficking and sale, or other domestic abuse. [6]

Pakistan Muslims Attack And Destroy Hindu Temples
Hindus Unable To Cremate Their Dead 

Many of Pakistan’s Hindu temples were destroyed long ago, however the few that remain are under constant threat of desecration and arson by Pakistani Muslims; since 2012 several Hindu temples and shrines have been either destroyed or desecrated. [11] In 2012 the 100 year old  Shri Rama Pir Mandir in Karachi Pakistan was arbitrarily bulldozed by a land developer, the questionably legal demolition also left many Hindu families homeless. [12] Hindus in Pakistan also find it very hard to cremate their dead (per Hindu tradition) because in many areas of Pakistan the crematoriums once owned by Hindus were taken over by the government and auctioned off.  This condition of the Islamic state takeover and dismantling of Hindu crematoriums has forced several Hindus to bury their dead in the ground per Islamic tradition [4]. The forced burial of Hindus in Islamic cemeteries has increased tensions between the two communities; in 2013 at the behest of an Islamic cleric, a crowd of Muslims dug up a Hindu grave and dragged the body through the streets in the town of Pangrio [13].

Video Testimonials Confirm Reports

Sona Das has been living in the Pakistani Hindu refugee camp in Delhi since 2011. Sona testifies in the below video record that Pakistani Muslims loot Hindu homes, terrorize Hindus, kill Hindus in their homes and rape Hindu girls. They attack and destroy temples he states.  The Pakistani government does not listen to Hindu complaints he affirms.

Sukhnandan is another Pakistani refugee living in the Delhi caps. According to him schools in Pakistan teach the Islamic religion and so Hindu parents have to keep their children at home.  The Islamic state does not allow Hindus to cremate their dead per Hindu tradition but forces them to bury their children in the ground. Young Hindu girls are kidnapped by Muslim men and gang raped. He says Hindu daughters are not safe in Pakistan. Hindus are shot, burned and beaten and the government does nothing to help them. “We would rather die than go back to Pakistan” he states.

Pakistan is an Islamic state, and like in all Islamic states, non-Muslims do not find any sort of justice within its borders.  So horrendous are the conditions for Hindus living in Pakistan that they would prefer to flee to a nation where they have no citizenship, where they cannot work, and where they languish in camps with no electricity, no water, no food, no education and very little hope.  The Hindus of Pakistan have  been driven to these camps due to the Islamic institutions of rape, torture, theft, murder and social discrimination.  Hindus, India and the world must see and hear the plight of these people and come to their aid.  The world must also put a spotlight on the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and sanction this nation for its blatantly discriminatory policies.  Finally, the world must realize that the Pakistani Hindu refugees are a testament to the reality of every Islamic state on earth, their plight is not unique but is similar to the conditions felt by non-Muslims living in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and every other Islamic Republic on the globe.  There is a common denominator in each of these tyrannies where non-Muslims live as less than 2nd class citizens… that common denominator is Islam.


If you are a Hindu in India and would like to donate to the Pakistani Hindu refugees, please contact Ms. Sarin via facebook (here) or email her (ssusinc@gmail.com)

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