Conditions: Hindus Living in Pakistan

Protests in Jaipur, india for religious PERSECUTION of pakistani hindus in pakistan

First Raped & then kidnapped – Dalit Hindus of Sindh


Kot Gulam Mohammad –(Awami Awaz Staff reporter 18 January 2014 )- Police records show that gangraped Sita Kolhin had been freed although sources confirm that she had been imprisoned by the Landlord along with her father Sodho. This despite the fact that police had conformed rape and had been accused of cover-up as well . Sources say three men Wali Mohammaed, Pir Baksh & Salim kambrani who raped Sita kidnapped her from MirPur khas Civil Hospiital where she was adimited although police say that girl had been freed. A team of journalists who planned to visit her were letter denied access to the girl by the landlord. In face her family members Pehlaj Kolhin too were denied access to her. Meanwhile it is alleged that money power was used to keep Police at bay and Journalists  were threaten of dire consequences who planned to visit Sita. On the other hand as per reliable sources Sita Kolhin along with her father had been held captive by the local landlord Hasim Bogri. Reports also suggest the is likely to be weakened within next two days although in Mirpur Khas doctors had already confirmed the Rape. In a related development Samples of three accused had also been sent to laborarty for further investigations. The Bhill community had meanwhile staged protest near national press club. Those present in the protest included Maru Bhill, Jairam Bheel, Mulchand Bheel, Lachpat Bheel among others. The protestors demanded strict punishment for the accused. MNA from Teherek e Insaf party Lal Malhi while speaking to the reporters express shock and dismay at the incidents. He said government had failed to protect the minorities. This is a daily affair against the Hindus. He further said that the issue will be raised in the national assembly.

Media Report : Daily Sobh – Kaku Kolhi Murder Case

This is the translated version of Media report on Kaku Kolhi Case as published in Sindhi Daily “Sobh”


Shadi Palai, Umarkot Sindh :  The body of the kidnapped Hindu girl Kako Kolhi was traced in village Lakho Shar after being raped by the sons of a local  Landlord (Wadaro as it is called in Sindhi). Reports suggest that the girl was kidnapped from Baluchabad before eventually sexually assaulted & shot dead. The dead body of Kaku Kolhi was eventually handed over to her parents after a past Martam in Civil hospital, Mirpur Khas. There were chaotic scene as the body arrived. Her parents almost become senseless after watching her dead body. The family was left to cope up with the loss their loved one with none of the local political or social leader preferring to visit them to express condolences. As per the reports a FIR had already been registered for Kidnapping & killing by Girls father Virji Kolhi against Khadim Shar. The relative allege that the case was deliberately made soft by the Police. There is no reference of Weapon not the details of the vehicle used in Kidnapping. They also alleged that the number plate of the car was replaced   by Police to protect the landlord. The accused who raped Kaku Kolhi surrendered before the police who was made to sit like a guest of the police dept. Accused was neither touched or handcuffed nor he was interrogated either. The family of the victim wished the case to be transferred to SHO and want CJ Pakistan to take notice. The relative further allege that instead of investigating the murder the police were pressurizing us to arrive to a deal with the landlord. One need to recollect that Kaku Kolhi along with her sister Nila Kolhi was kidnapped a month back and was Murdered along after being brutally raped, Police instead of taking up the investigation were busy to strike a deal.

  • Tendo Jam resident Hindu girl kidnapped from Kotri breaks down in Kiner after seeing her parents
  • Self proclaimed lover of Kidnapped Hindu girls and along with his sister arrested & booked for Kidnapping


kidnapped-hindu-girl-kako-kolhiKinri : (Awami Awaz)-  The case Tendo Jam resident Hindu Girl who was kidnapped on the pretext of “Love Marriage”  have been solved. Police arrested the man Mr Mohammad Ali Machi along with a women (said to his sister). There was emotional scene in the police Station as the Girl seeing her father Lilaram and mother Laxmibai embraced her mother and started crying. The girl in her statement said that she came to Korti with her Maternal Uncle. She did visit a Dargah to seek blessings and after which she proceed to Md. Ali Macho residence where she was forcefully taken to Kinri and for converted to Islam before being married off to Md. Ali Machi forcibly . She pleaded to be handed over to her parents. The Police after recording the statement of Girl letter arrested Md. Ali Machi along with his sister Zarina and a case of Kidnapping registered against them

  • Committee formed to enact laws to prevent forced conversation of Hindu Girls
  • Former CJ Rana Bhagwan Das to head the coomeete


(Karachi Bureau Report) : Sindh Provincial Govt. In Pakistan had formed a 3 member committee under the chairmanship of Ex CJ Pakistan Rana Bhagwandas to prepare legislation to prevent forced conversation and Forced marriages of Hindu Girls. Provincial minister said that Islam do not approved forced conversation. He said as per law all are entitled to enjoy equal freedom be it religious or cultural. According to sources Provincial Minister in charge of Parliament & Law Mr. Sikander Mendhro & Minority members deliberated on the bill to be drafter against forced conversation and marriages which included  among other Dr. Khotomal , Dr. Lal Chand, Gyanchand Israni, Engg Passumal, Mukesh Chawla, Devanand Chand, Secratory LAW Gulam Nabi Shah. The meeting discussed the issue of Forced Conversation and Hindu Marriage bills and agreed on setting up three member committee under the Chairmanship of Ex CJ Pak Rana Bhagwan Das which includes Justice Majid Rizvi and Advocate Jhamat Mal. The committee will help to put up recommendation for the bills after detailed discussion with Hindus Members both inside and outside the House.

41 Hindu Bounded Laborer released from Tendo Gulam Hyder, in Sindh Pakistan

  • On the application of Rojho Kohlin Session court orderd Police to raid Village Sulaman Ligari to recover bounded Laborers
  • We are the residence of Rahoki. We came to the landlord for employment he had impression us for 2 long years : A freed bounded  labor


Tendo Mohamed Khan (Report : Sindh Express)- Tendo Mohmmed khan police on the directive of Session court raided a farm of Zamindar Khan Mohamed Lagari in Village Sulamen Lagari released 41 bounded laborers. These freed laborers were then presented to  sessions court who allowed to be free as they wished. They were then shifted to Hari camp under strict police protection. The released bounded laborer included Nacho, Valji, Maryan, Nathi, Jamna, Lacho, Hemi, Lali, Rai Chand, Bojho  et al. This group also included 16 children. Those released said that we came here for work in agriculture farms but have been locked up for the last two before they were released on the petition by Rajho Kholin & on the orders of session court.




Report : Awami Awaz Sindh Zakir Sar, Khapro: Near Phaldion area a group of fundamentalist attack a temple and demolished the goddess and broke the Samadhi of Baba khet Pal. Sources tell as soon as this the news of vandalization of 110 year of Temple spread Hindus including Mukhi  Mohen Mal, Harish Kumar, Hari Chand  among others rushed to the spot. A agitation & dharna followd in Sheed Chowk. Hindi leader present on the occasion said previously of respect was not secure and now the temples & other places of worship are being attacked. He  said that the attacked on Temple  cannot be tolerated. On the other hand S H O of the area who reached at the spot said that the culprits will be apprehended and asked to remove the blocked. As per the reports any case is yet to registered for the crime


Pakistani Hindus in Sindh Protest against Hindu Girl Kidnapping

  • Hindus in Sindh Protest against Hindu Girl Kidnapping

Hyderabad, Sindh Staff reporter, Sindh Express : Hindus belonging to Meghwar community protested near the press club besides the area of Nara Jail. The protesters which included the kidnapped girl Bhag’s Brother Chander & her mother Sathuoon said that Bhag was kidnapped by Ali Raza Khaskhali and his followers. Police is delebratlity keeping quite. They demanded that Bangh be recovered and strict action action be taken against the culprits


Ethnic Cleansing of PakHindus : Pak Sindhi Poet migrates to India

  • Sanghar, Sindh based noted Sindhi Poet Shobraj Bheel migrates to India along with his family
  • We are being forced to Migrate. Sindh. There is ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan : Shobraj Bheel

Khapro (Awami Awaz): Noted Sindhi Poet Shobraj Bheel migrates to India. Sources in Sindh confirm that Sanghar resident Shobraj Bheel along with his 8 family members migrated to India. While boarding train from Mirpur Khas he is reported to have todd  his close friends who came to see him off  that “ we are not migrating voluntary but are being forced to migrate”. He appealed to Civil society & Media to raise awareness on the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. It should be noted however that recently there have been a spate of migration of Hindus from Shanghar District which include Dr. Vazir Mal, Dr. ramesh kumar, Basar Mal, Ghansham, Dodo among others. Apart from these  Tendo Adam district too have seen a spate of Hindu Migration from Sindh linked primarly with the basis insecurity of Hindu community.


  • ·         “Trace Jamna Kumari” : Protesters protesting for the release of Hindu Girl
  • ·         Altaf Rind & his associates have kidnapped Jamna Kumari : Lal Bagri Jamn’s father
  • ·         Police did nothing : Relatives

Hyderabad : (Staff Reporter Ibarat News)

Hindus in the village Arbab Rind near Bhit Shah protested for the release of 12 year Hindu Girl Jamna Kumari. The protest was hell near Hyderabad Press club. Protesters consisting Men , Women & Children raised slogans for the release of Jamna Kumari. Speaking with repoprtes Lal Bagri father of Jamna Kumari alleged that   “Altaf Rind, Pathan Rind, Wazir Rind and other entered their house and after looting cash, gold and other valuble articles dragged their 12 years old doughter Jamna Kumari. Although a case have been registered in Bhit Shah police station. The police after arreating them eventually relkeased them after accepting bribes.” They seek help from the authorities for the release of their daughter.



  • In Gadap  Sindh 100 Hindus declared terrorist
  • Police Destroys 50 Houses belonging to Minority Hindu community
  • Police Blocked all roads leading to the village (Saharab) before attacking
  • Hindus including Women & Children  protest the state sponsored Terror
  • Arrest include Sheetal, Roshan, Krishan, among 100 charged under terror Law



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