Aarti Kumari Daughter of Mahraj Kumar had been abducted by wasaan community landlord

Gambat Sindh: Another Hindu Girl Aarti Kumari Daughter of Mahraj Kumar had been abducted by wasaan community landlord and his sons on gun point. They had kidnapped her while she was teaching in school. It’s heard from local persons that they had raped her and forced converted her to Islam.
Hundreds of innocent Hindu girls are being kidnapped, raped and converted every month.
Why the government, media, politicians, police is silent on this matter. Please stop ethnic cleansing of peaceful Hindu community.
Please share this to let the World know what’s happening with Hindus in Pakistan.

The girl has been identified as Arti Kumari, a teacher at Qasim Model School, and reports say she was abducted at gunpoint by a feudal lord named Ammer Wassan.

The report quotes Arti’s uncle saying, “Arti is engaged to be married in November and is the second girl to be kidnapped in my family,”.

In early June, a 16-year-old Hindu girl called Ravita Meghwar was allegedly abducted by men in the southern Pakistani region of Sindh. Within hours, Ravita had apparently embraced Islam. She was given new name – Gulnaz – and married off to a Muslim man.

Hindu Girl forcefully convesion into Islam

The next day she told journalists that she had accepted Islam and married the man without any pressure. But Meghwar’s parents reported the suspects, claimed she was a minor, and demanded the safe recovery of their daughter. Countering the claims, Meghwar’s husband submitted an application to the Sindh High Court to seek protection from her family and relatives. The case was settled on June 23 when the Sindh High Court allowed Meghwar to go with her husband. The judge apparently ignored the 2013 Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act which prohibits marriages under the age of 18.

As it happens in every abduction-conversion case: 19-year-old #ArtiKumari is now Mahwish and married off to a local Muslim boy on Sept 10.

This is the certificate of Islam – new converts


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