A 28 year old Hindu woman (Shoba) kidnapped by a rickshaw driver in Karachi

A 28 year old Hindu woman, Shoba, having an earned MBA, working at MCB Tariq Road, has allegedly been kidnapped by a rickshaw driver named Mithal while coming back from work. Shoba has been missing since 12 days but the local police have refused to indulge the aggrieved family and well-wishers seeking justice and have still not registered an FIR against the accused let alone make efforts to locate Shoba’s whereabouts.

A 28 year old Hindu woman, Shoba sindh Pakistan
Moreover, the accused’s lawyer representing him in 22-A Cr.P.C. application filed against him by Shoba’s family claimed that the girl had converted to Islam and willfully married the accused rickshaw driver while failing to produce any evidence for his claims.

Shoba’s family along with other community representatives held a demonstration in the City Court premises and later moved on to the Karachi Press Club desperately seeking remedy for their miseries. This happened in Karachi.


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