19 yr Hindu Boy a recent victim of Blasphemy law

A nineteen-year-old Hindu boy from Mirpur Khas’s Mirwah Gorchani area is the latest victim of our unjust laws. The young man allegedly posted ‘highly controversial’ statements on Facebook; and a local prayer leader’s complaint led to his arrest. Locals claimed that it was the conversion of his sister Ganga that drove the young Hindu boy to issue problematic statements. He has been charged under section 295-A which entails punishment of those who insult religious feelings.


Sections of Pakistan’s penal code have been heavily criticised by all and sundry, for they enable the violations of human rights, and incite prejudice in the country. Due to its ambiguous wording, the blasphemy laws lead to multiple interpretations. Efforts to review the laws have not been successful for they have been met with stiff and sometimes violent resistance.

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